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Madi and Chad

Tony Tran


I had the honor of shooting Chad and Madi's wedding this past weekend. The couple was young and definitely in love! Their outgoing personality made it really easy to capture their wedding. Congratulations Chad and Madi and thank you for having me be part of your wedding day. 


Cycward Featuring/ Courtney Harrell

Tony Tran


Just a few months ago, I overheard my girlfriend listening/ watching 'The Voice - Blind Edition.' There was a audition that really stood out to me. This girls voice was so powerful, soulful and was filled with so much passion. I fell in love with her audition and I would find myself listening to her audition randomly throughout the days. 

Fast forward to months later, my friend had a event booked and asked me to help with video. She told me it was going to be a fitness/ cycling event hosted my Courtney Harrell, from he voice. In my head, I wasn't thinking that it was Courtney Harrell, the singer I've been listening to for the past few months. It dawned on me when I got to the event and low-key was fan boying throughout the night. 

Courtney was such a lovely girl. Super down to earth, really cool and with so much energy. She held 3 private spin classes and cycled in ALL THREE OF THEM.  (If you guys haven't cycled before, Its SUPER fun but crazy tiring... after ONE... and she did all three and gave it her all. #BEAST).

I'll post the video of the even once it's done but for now, here's a video of her audition. PREPARE TO GET THEM CHILLS.



It's great to be back

Tony Tran

Super excited that my website is now LIVE (after not having it for a couple of years). 
During the time I didn't have my website, I was contemplating whether or not I want to continue photography or not. Only doing little gigs every now and then between my daily "job" and turning away opportunities. Despite always trying to keep myself busy with work and always "being" tired, I always somehow find myself WANTING to get back into it. With the kind words, support and encouragement of my friends and family and my beautiful girlfriend, they are the reason why I'm going to go full force and try to make this passion and hobby of mine, a career. I honestly want to thank my girlfriend and all my friends and family for always supporting what I do. Always believing in me and following my work. I'm going give it my all. Whether or not I'm shooting for my business. Second shoot for another photographer. Or even carrying a camera bag and swapping lenses for other people. I know that my true passion is being a big part of capturing memories, love, joy and real raw emotions between people. 
Thank you again for all your support and stay tuned!